Adobe Flash and Google Chrome –

Update: Thanks to commenters, I’ve confirmed that this fix no longer works for on Chrome.  You can use a modernized version of newsmap that uses html5/js instead of flash: I like the Google Chrome Browser. But Google’s agenda doesn’t always align with the reality of the internet.  Take Flash as an example.  Adobe Flash has… Continue reading Adobe Flash and Google Chrome –

Windows 10 – Set File Explorer back to “This PC”

File Explorer – Switch Back to “My Computer” Style   So Windows 10 introduced the concept of “Quick Access” with File Explorer.  I don’t personally like it; I wind up just clicking down into “This PC” anyway.   To Set this, Open File Explorer, choose the “View” Ribbon:   In the View Ribbon, Click Options,… Continue reading Windows 10 – Set File Explorer back to “This PC”

Testing your internet connection

A friend of mine asked a great question recently: “How do I speed test my smart TV?”  Great question.  Living in the internet age and in IT- two sites immediately come to mind, and might likely be the top two out there: Ookla’s and  .  They work great on PC’s and Macs, and have… Continue reading Testing your internet connection

Walmart: One Brand, Two Different Prices

Update: I’ve recently learned Wal-Mart has updated their policy again. They are in fact price matching their website for in store prices now. Good going Wal-Mart. Here’s a recent letter I drafted to Walmart, expressing my frustration with their pricing policy. This policy has also been criticized in The City Wire:   Dear Walmart:… Continue reading Walmart: One Brand, Two Different Prices

How to pronounce my last name

I’ve often been asked  “How do you pronounce your last name?” After years of explanation, I’ve decided to provide a handy audio clip,  to allow you to listen to it. American Pronounciation:    Credit to AT&T Labs Natural Voices for creating a great, useful wav file.