Windows 10 – Set File Explorer back to “This PC”

File Explorer – Switch Back to “My Computer” Style  

So Windows 10 introduced the concept of “Quick Access” with File Explorer.  I don’t personally like it; I wind up just clicking down into “This PC” anyway.


To Set this, Open File Explorer, choose the “View” Ribbon:Win10Tips - Set File Explorer to My PC - View Ribbon


In the View Ribbon, Click Options, then select “Change folder and search options” :

Win10Tips - Set File Explorer to My PC -Options Folder Search Options


In the Folder Options Window, change the Open File Explorer to: “This PC”:

Win10Tips - Set File Explorer to My PC 

That should now present you immediately with the more familiar “My Computer-style” File Explorer.

Quick access might work best for newer users, but “This PC” is where I want to be.

By Steven Drzaszcz

In progress..

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