The Oldest Domains Registered.

I recently posted on Twitter about the 44th anniversary of the first communication across “ARPANET”, which was a  link  in the chain of development that evolved into the internet as we know it today. When I think ARPANET, my mind jumps to Bob Taylor, instrumental to it’s funding. Bob moved from ARPA onto Xerox, heading… Continue reading The Oldest Domains Registered.

Screen Resolution

Is it just me, or has the evolution of options in screen resolution, particularly in computing, become out of hand? For some time, 4×3 resolutions, like SVGA (800×600) and XGA (1024×768), were common place. This was before flat screens were the standard at the desk; bulky CRT monitors took up precious real estate. 4×3 resolution… Continue reading Screen Resolution

IPv6 and 6in4 tunnels

I’ve begun studying IPv6 in-depth recently; It’s quite interesting.  I setup my own tunnel  for my home network, as my ISP does not support IPv6 yet.    Hurricane Electric has some great resources, and they’ll also give you a tunnel and a /64 (18 million trillion IPv6 addresses!)   Here are the steps that worked for… Continue reading IPv6 and 6in4 tunnels

IP Space and IPv4 Subnetting

A non-technical colleague at work asked me questions on subnetting, and why someone may want to optimize/reclaim the subnets assigned to a site where they have more unused IP addresses than needed. Here’s my reply, which starts with an example: Every customer network is assigned LAN IPs (subnets).  Some sites have more available, unused IPs… Continue reading IP Space and IPv4 Subnetting

Cables in the ocean, really?

I just got through explaining to my fiance transatlantic underwater cables. It was the first time she had ever heard of that. Sure, satellites help us receive information all over the world, but where would we be without the underwater mesh that provides the worldwide bandwidth that we need? We as engineers take it for… Continue reading Cables in the ocean, really?

Tech Hang

Topics: Mobile Technology/Phones /Apps Desktop/Server OS /Applications Social Networking (Twitter/Facebook, etc) Upcoming Technologies   Invite for the first iteration of a ‘Tech Hang’ What is a tech-hang?  Something I came up with for IT professionals and those interested in technology, a time to hang, catch up on Technology/IT, drinks,food, good times! Event: _ More info… Continue reading Tech Hang

Endless quest for performance…

I’ve been spending quite some time trying to optimize my site.   It’s amazing the things you can do… has been great for getting a rush of a bunch of users, works great to see how your website works in the wild, Check it out on

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Finally got my CCNA

I’ve been involved with Cisco Kit for some time now, but now I finally got my CCNA last week.  My original mentality was one of irreverence towards the traditional learning path in general, inclusive of certifications.  But I got thinking, and came to this conclusion:  It’s good to have a baseline of  how the vendor,… Continue reading Finally got my CCNA

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